Olive Oil & Tomatoes

The nature surrounding the organically farmed estate is very diverse and rich in olive and fruit trees, herbs and vegetables.

The Etruscans and Romans already cultivated olives here. When we took over the land in 1987, everything was overgrown here and especially the old olive trees were partly covered by brambles a meter high.

With great care, we made the surroundings flourish again and since 2000, Villa Belvedere is a controlled biological estate. During your stay, you can discover the way we produce or you can even actively participate. Moreover, you can enjoy our goods during your stay or at home upon order.

Our unique olive oil is a very high-class product.

Only olives from our own cultivation - without any pesticides - are pressed fresh and cold in our own press on a daily basis. The result is a healthy and pure olive oil with low acidity and a fruity, mild and delicate flavour. The oil is highly appreciated by connoisseurs and Tuscany labelled it with DOC ("Denominazione di Origine Controllata" / "designation of origin").

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Delight & Harvest


In the meadows in and around Villa Belvedere you cannot only find olive trees but countless fruit trees, tomatoes, wild vegetables and more than 100 different wild herbs such as sage, thyme, oregano, lemon balm, peppermint, lemon verbena and bay. All year round, the air is scented and there is always something to harvest: all year round you can harvest lemons; in late spring there are apricots, cherries and loquats; in summer we have grapes, figs, apples, pears, plums and peaches; in autumn you can enjoy kiwi, tangerines, first oranges, chestnuts, khaki or the fruits of the strawberry trees, cactus and in winter we have oranges, tangerines, kumquats, grapefruit and around the olive trees, you can reap delicious wild asparagus.

From December to April, blooming Camellia bushes and yellow mimosa create a wonderful sea of flowers on our patios.